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Boiler Covers

The transformer boilers and their covers are made of steel of medium hardness. In the distribution transformers, the boiler surfaces are composed of wave wall panels that also perform the cooling function. The pan part of the tan is connected by welding the walls and frame. It is also possible to use radiator groups having various segments for the cooling surfaces. In the power transformers, in general, demountable radiator groups are used. In the transformers up to 4000 KVA, it is also possible to use wave wall panels as cooling surfaces. The boilers whose welding operations are finished will be subjected to the pressure test. Welding leakage points will be detected, if any, they will be rectified. Each boiler as well as its cover whose labor is finished will be subjected to the sanding operation. The applied standard sanding procedure is conformed to DIN norm. If the customer may request a special sanding or if a value may be indicated in the specification, this will be ensured. On demand, it will be possible to coat the boilers with hot dip galvanizing method. Based on the customer request, a protective box made of sheet conformed to IEC 144 standard can cover the bushings on the cover or cable boxes conformed to BS 2562 can be mountable on the side of the transformers.