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Wave Wall Production

Wave wall line is used in production of wave walls that are used in distribution and power transformers. It operates as CNC. All operation and command processes are realized in the control panel of the machine. 

Wave wall track: 
1) Steel roll opener: It is a system with which roll sheet is opened automatically. 
2) Inflection of the wave wall (Folding Unit): It is the unit where the steel drove by roll machine is inflected by the aid of knife. 
3) Machine cutting wave wall slice: It is used to cut wave wall slices in various dimensions. 
4) Wave wall stitch welding (Automatic Stitch Welding): It is a system with which the edge stitches are made by robot stitch.
5) Sliver opening in Wave Wall: It is aprocess for protecting the distances slivers. 
6) Wave wall Spor Weld : It is a process by which various wave walls are subjected tı point welding.
7) Edge Twists of Wave Walls: According to the customer’s request, side twists are made (0°,45°,90°,180°).
8) Welding round shadt on wave wall: It is a system used for protecting products from stretching.